Being a Crepe Bar gives you a free rein to your creativity and the freedom to explore your ideas as it offers infinite possibilities. The rules are simple: choose your base, buckwheat (naturally gluten free) or white flour, and add s many toppings as you want! You will choose by around forty ingredients. Some are homemade (💚) and the rest has been carefully chosen by us. Who said fast couldn't be healthy

We want you to fell free to create you own crepe while enjoying the high quality of our products. By coming to Les Deux Amies, we guarantee to welcome you with a big smile and our main focus is to provide you the best!

The choice is too hard and you don't know what to go for? We also have a list of the best combos! If your flagship ingredient is missing from the board, please let us know so we keep improving! 

You can eat your crepe at the Boxpark, at home, at your office and basically everywhere

We already have our favorite ones, what will be yours? 😉


Create your own SAVOURY CREPE!

£2 the base  (gluten and dairy free) + add your toppings 



Keens Cheddar £2

Goat's Cheese £2

Halloumi £2.50


Meat & Fish


Free range egg £0.50

Bacon £2

Pork sausage £2

British ham £2.50                    +

Free range chicken £2.50

Smoked Salmon £2.50 

Veg & Nuts


Walnuts £0.75

Almonds £0.75

Spinach £1

Onions £1                      =

Mushrooms £1

Olives £1

Guacamole £2 💚


Free sauces : ketchup, mustard & cream 

💚 Homemade products

Create your own SWEET CREPE!

£2.50 the base + add your toppings 



Butter £0.75

Honey £1

Salted Caramel £1.50 💚

Strawberry Jam £1.50 💚     +

Banana Jam £1.50 💚

Nutella £1.50

Maple Syrup £1.50

Peanut Butter £1.50

White Chocolate sauce £1.50 💚



Lemon £0.50 💚

Coconut £0.50

Banana £0.50

Pears £0.50                           +

Baked Apple £0.50 💚



Sugar £0.50

Marshmallows £0.50

Popping Candy £0.50

Chocolate Chips £0.50          =

Unicorn Poo £0.50

Almonds £0.75

Walnuts £0.75

Cookies £1 💚

Whipped Cream £1

Vanilla Ice Cream £1

💚 Homemade products


Hot Drinks  


Coffee : £2.50

(Americano, Capuccino, Double Expresso, Latte)

Tea : £1.20

(Maroccan Mint, Earl Grey)

Extras : £0.30

(Decaf, Almond Milk)

Cold Drinks


Still or Sparkling Water £1.50

Coke or Coke Zero £1.50

Orange Juice £2.50

French Cider - 200ml £3.50 or bottle £12.50

Red or White Wine - 125ml £3.50 or bottle £18.50

Kronenbourg 1664 (pint) £3.50

Corona (330ml) £3.50



Boxpark Unit 07

99 George Street 

Croydon, CR0 1LD, UK


Boxpark Unit 27

2-10 Bethnal Green Road

London, E1 6GY, UK


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - 11am to 9pm

Thursday and Friday - 11am to 10pm 

Saturday 10.30am to 10pm

Sunday 10.30am to 9pm

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - 9am to 9pm

Thursday and Friday - 9am to 10pm 

Saturday 11am to 10pm

Sunday 11am to 9pm