Have a look below to see the various options where Les Deux Amies would turn your private events into a love affair with crêpes. There are many options available, and remember, we can customise any of the options to suit your exact needs.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Please remember that transport is included for all of the offers listed below.


A unique approach to breakfast or brunch in your office


For a minimum of 40 guests


Choose from our breakfast galette or any of our sweet crêpes

Pick your own toppings from our selection


1h 30 service with 1 chef


From £400


Host the best lunch party in town with our Lunch deal


For a minimum of 25 guests


Lunch will contain one savoury galette with a salad side and one sweet crêpe

Galette toppings customisable as per guest preferences


2h service with 2 chefs


From £325


Have a craving for sweets? What better way to satisfy it with crêpes?


For a minimum of 25 guests



An endless buffet of sweet crêpes




1h 30 service with 1 chef


From £305


Kids or adults, all are welcome to join in for a private lesson at your home


For a minimum of 15 participants


We provide all the ingredients and will be with you as you learn to make your own crêpes and galettes

1 crêpe and 1 galette to be made with the participants


2h service with 2 chefs


From £28 per participant


Turn any of your events into a fantastic affair with our crêpes



For a minimum of 100 guests


Perfect for large events, such as weddings, birthdays or baby showers

We shall set up a galette station and a crêpe bar

An endless buffet of galettes and crêpes


2h service with 2 chefs


From £650



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